Friday, October 23, 2009

A Sign of What's to Come

I remember when Jen wrote a blog about watching her kids play together. Peyton is 8 months old and she is every where! Tanner loves to play with her. When she gets in his way he says, "No thank you Peyton." I tell him he can move up to the table if her wants to play alone, but he never does. His favorite thing is to make funny faces and do funny voices to make her laugh. Boy does it work! She thinks he is hilarious!
Here they are playing with the train together. When I am in the kitchen I love to hear them playing in the other room.
I let him play pretty rough with her. I figure that she will let him know when it is too rough. I loved growing up with 2 brothers. Having a brother makes for a tough girl!
I love that these two get to grow up together. Family is a pretty great thing!


Jewels said...

Sarah so very cute! You actually make me think I might be getting ready to think about baby #2.

Diane Davis said...

i can't believe how big your kids are getting. can't wait to see them (and you!) in about a month!