Thursday, July 08, 2010


My mom and I took the kids on a road trip up to Boise. It was so much fun!!! Here is a little of our adventure. We spent one night in Bishop, Ca and stocked up at this little bakery.
The kids had a blast staying the night in a hotel with a swimming pool and everything.
I made Tanner wear a bib so he could eat in the car.
My mom was so great...she wrapped up little gifts for the kids. Every time the kids started going crazy they would get to open on.
We also drove through a lot of desert. We thought it might be a good idea to have an ice cream break.
We stayed the other night of our trip in a B & B in the tiny town of Ely, Nevada. We got in late but the sun was out until 10. There was an old train station that we got to explore after it was closed. The kids loved it!!!
They were so dirty from eating in the car all day.
This was our little B & B. The kids were so good to stay quiet. It was tricky for all 4 of us staying in 1 room. Peyton woke up at 5:45am. We snuggled in bed for about 15 minutes then Peyton was ready to play. So we played in the bath for an hour, got dressed and went back to check out the trains. We had been awake for 2 hours by the time Tanner and Grandma woke up.

It was all worth it to get to see Kelle, Aaron and their baby Jeremiah. They took baths together and Uncle Aaron read some bedtime stories.
Kelle and Aaron loved showing us around. The kids just loved not being in the car.
It was nice to see the kids playing together. Cousins are pretty special in our family.
Peyton had so much fun in the water.
A picnic in the park. I am standing on my tippy-toes trying to be tall like Kelle.
Aaron has stepped into fatherhood with ease. He has always been a great uncle so its no surprise.

I bought the kids matching outfits. Tanner has a sad face because he didn't like how the babies kept walking away from him. I tried to tell him that they are just babies, that's just what they do.
It was fun going to one of my favorite places, Cracker Barrel.

We spent a lot time in the backyard with the kids.
Grandma sprung for ice cream from the ice cream man. It hit the spot.
Love her! I think Peyton loved being the only girl with 5 boys.
About 20 minutes away lives my childhood friend Janel. We grew up next door each other. She has 3 boys. It was fun watching our kids play together.
We were there for my mom's birthday. It was a perfect backyard BBQ Party. (Later that night I slept with Tanner and in his dream he said-I want cake.)
I loved that Janel and Kelle could meet. They are both 2 of the nicest people that I have even known. And now they are both great moms. We had the best trip. I loved that my mom drove us on this wonderful trip. I grew up going on road trips with my family and I want to pass that onto my kids.

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Emily said...

What a great trip with great memories! SO much FUN!