Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Day At The Beach, in January!

Tanner is 10 months old now and it was time for his first surf lesson. Daddy can't wait till he is up and riding. We went to the beach with our good friend Derek. Tanner is wearing his Lifeguard shirt just in case the boys needed help in the water. Tanner climbed on Kipp's board then Derek and Daddy gave him a few pointers. I'm sure it won't be long before he's out there with them.

Once the boys were in the water we played on the blanket for about 2 minutes. In my head we were going to sit on the blanket, read, snuggle, rest, and play. Like I said, we stayed on the blanket for 2 minutes. Sometimes I forget that this kid is 1/2 Kipp. We spent the next hour or so crawling on the sand. Tanner loves to pick up things that he knows he shouldn't play with and hand them to me. As he crawled around he handed me trash and other gross things that were left on the beach. Every time I would say, "Thank you Tanner, you're right we don't play with that."

After our walk/crawl about we went back to the blanket and had a snack. About that time Tanner realized that it was an hour and a half past his nap time. So I packed up his stuff and put him back in the front pack. We slowly started back up the hill.

It was a beautiful day in January! Tanner wore his warm hat but the sun was out the whole time. Kipp usually goes surfing every Saturday and it was fun to be a part of his weekly routine.

One thing about this kid, he loves to sand!
We hope one day he will love the water too!


Kristi said...

SO CUTE!!! Please remind Kipp that he also promised Haley surf lessons. That is why she is taking so many swim she will be ready for Uncle Kipp's Surf School!

Brazenlilly said...

Where did you get that adorable hat!?! That hat belongs on a kid from Oregon. :) I'm excited to see pics of Tan in his swim trunks this summer. LIttle toddler boys in swim trunks are super cute.